November 03, 2012


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The re-education of the sisters continue: Getting our farmer “wings”

It had occurred to us that there was a fairly large, fairly obvious question yet to be answered. How exactly were we going to transform ourselves from city caterpillars to country butterflies? What if we hated it? What if the … Continue reading

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Summer Update: tiling, new windows and plenty of quality time lounging

This is going to sound like bragging (because it is) but the summer weather in Ontario has been spectacular – maybe not for the farmers but there has been plenty of rain lately to make up for the hot, summer … Continue reading

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The re-education of the sisters: the wonderful world of woodworking!

Steffanie and I both know that we have a fairly limited skill set when it comes to country living. Yes, we can put together a garden thanks to our childhood but knowing about growing tomatoes and parsley isn’t exactly enough … Continue reading

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The closing, keys and long underwear

After deciding to take the next step of our new journey, we spent the better part of 19 months securing a mortgage through a UK broker of an Italian bank.  Yes, it can be done!  We laid our lives out for them to … Continue reading

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Destiny makes an offer

Searching for our dream property in Calabria was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together with your eyes closed. We just had this vague idea of “some place in Calabria” and we were open to investigating anything that struck … Continue reading

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Begin at the beginning

My sister Steffanie and I have always been collectively known as “the sisters.” Over the last two years, we have been on a quest to change our lives, throw caution, our current careers and our city lives in Toronto to the winds and move to a farm in southern Italy. I just wish we had a dollar for every time we hear “you’re crazy” – it would make paying for a new roof much easier.  However, before I get ahead of myself…let’s start at the very beginning…. in a pub in Ireland.

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