Summer Update: tiling, new windows and plenty of quality time lounging

This is going to sound like bragging (because it is) but the summer weather in Ontario has been spectacular – maybe not for the farmers but there has been plenty of rain lately to make up for the hot, summer sun of July.  We have been doing several rounds of lake side visitations but also willing to pull our weight as guests. And also got to learn something too!

Steffanie was able to spend a glorious week in Lake of Bays with supreme hosts extraordinaire Kathryn and Bob.  While there were many quality hours on the dock, Kathryn also got to show Steffanie the ropes when it comes to tiling. Kathryn being an experienced tiler was the supervisor and director of the new backsplash with fancy tiles around the stove and sink. I think the results were fabulous and look forward to putting her new skills to the test when we return to Italy.

Steffanie in front of the new back splash – well done sister!

We are also pleased to announce the first major bit of renovation is currently happening to our Italian farmhouse. We did a long list of what needed to be done and included time lines and what we could realistically do ourselves to save on costs.  After much debate with pros and cons hashed out (after many, many hours and pints) it came down to windows being first on the agenda. 

One of the many eclectic things about the house were the panes of glass being much smaller than the frame.  I am not sure at the reasoning to having windows  that do not go to the top of the frame – perhaps for circulation reasons?  The only things that flowed other than a breezey draft were our tiny, scampering guests. So we are putting a stop to their furry fun disco and they are going to have to learn to party outside from now on!  We have decided on the colour of the frames and sills and they are going in as I type this.  

At last! It seemed like forever to get it all in place and it’s all very exciting and very adult and mature…but seriously, why are windows so expensive???? I realize it is all very labour intensive but  getting that bill was a bit of a kick to the shin.  Despite the throbbing pain in the wallet, it is our first step towards our gigantic leap.  We feel pretty accomplished by that and we definitely deserve to pat ourselves on the back, preferably on the dock with a cold beer in hand!

Another perfect end to the day on Lake of Bays, Muskoka

Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton


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