Another debut!

It has been another busy week with yet another debut! After having a chat with our friend Jennifer about our olive oil, we arranged a last minute home demonstration for her  long standing wine club. It was a spur of the moment decision and what a great time!

It would be the first time Steffanie and I spoke together telling our story to strangers. This project has been so much a part of our lives that trying to condense our story was a challenge! My friends know I love to talk and it is easy to forget to breathe!

It turned out to be a perfect evening! We got to meet a lively crowd of interesting people. Jennifer was a generous and informative host and we all got to learn something! I am willing to admit I know next to nothing about wine. Other than it comes in white, pink and red! Honestly, the first white wine we tasted is now my benchmark going forward in my life. Quite simply the best wine I have ever had in a glass (including pitchers, bottles and boxes).

We also had the opportunity to bring the spirit of taste testing to the evening by comparing our olive oil with the olive oil Jennifer had purchased on her last family holiday to Italy. She was assured by a trusted, personal source that the olive oil was of good quality. I am bias of course that our olive oil is great but I would be a liar if I said comparisons do not make me nervous.

To my relief there wasn’t much of a competition. Steffanie and I have spent quite a bit of our time doing taste tests at home. And we have basically educated ourselves about olive oil in about as “hands on” as you can get.  It is hard to avoid emotions and keep a dispassionate point of view when it comes to our product. We love our oil! Other olive oils just do not pass the taste test. Our oil tastes smooth and almost buttery. It is not bitter nor does it have any sort of sour after taste.

It was a sweet beginning and we look forward to doing more! Many thanks to Jennifer and the new friends we made at her fabulous wine club!

Casa Sorelle olive oil demonstrations are now available, please get in touch via Facebook or via the “Contact Us” link on this site!


Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton


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