What makes Casa Sorelle so special?

A delicious way to celebrate!

Let Casa Sorelle make your table an event to remember! Our celebration size, 250ml bottle is a perfect finishing touch for any occasion. Everyone will appreciate the thoughtful and tasty addition! Perfect as a bomboniere, celebration gift, holiday gift, or simply a treat for yourself!


What makes Casa Sorelle Olive Oil special?

Casa Sorelle extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed and made exclusively with the Carolea olive found only in Southern Italy. Our small family grove produces a sweet and delicate olive oil as unique as the region of Calabria itself. You can taste the sunshine with every bite!



To appreciate the full benefits and subtle flavours, our product is best showcased as a finishing oil with grilled meat, fish, vegetables or as a dressing with salad. This is not an oil meant for high temperature cooking.

What makes our packaging special?

Our packaging is 100% recyclable metal used exclusively for consumer grade oils.  Metal bottles are also lighter and less costly to ship - making it "greener" than glass!

Glass may be pretty but it is not ideal packaging for olive oil at its finest.




Calabria is for foodies!

If you say "I am hungry" to a local, the response is usually "of course you are! You are in Calabria!" Life in Calabria is not something you can wear but it is something you can savor.  A suit made in Milan may be a showstopper but life in Calabria fits any age, size or budget.


Located in the "toe" of Italy, Calabria is still relatively unknown outside of the country.  The preserved local traditions and lack of intensive tourist development are just two of Calabria's many charms. With a lush, untamed landscape and blessed with the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian sea, this region has been a vital agricultural and shipping region for thousands of years.